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TiLii was created by J. Paris in 2001. He has been an Industry Leader of Event Entertainment, Concert, and Film Productions for many years. Our client list include such names as Google, MTV, GM, Coca-Cola, and HBO to name a few. J's job descriptions range from on camera host, acting, event management, and everything in between. J. was recently nominated for 3 Regional EMMY Awards in the categories of Outstanding Program and Director.

J's goal is to provide you with top of the line quality and service for your special events. If you have need of any of our services, please feel free to contact us anytime!

J. Paris




Fuse TV
Get Malled Tour/Host NY, PA, MA, IL
MTV U Campus Invasion Tour TX, GA, PA
Total Entertainment Event Management/Host Ca, Fl, NY, IL
Marc Ecko Enterprises Tikva Charity Event/Host NY
HBO Event Production NY
Mt. Laurel Center Production Manager/Host KISS, ZZ TOP

Stand Up:
The Comedy Store
Pot Luck Night Los Angeles
Rascals Holiday Show Nyack, NY
Iona College The Jokes on You New York

SALT ESU Swat Diamond Columbia Pictures
Birthday Free for All Main Character Tell iT Like iT iS
The Curse of Stevenstein Villain Empty Wallet Productions
Club Patron Universal Pictures
Featured Scene International

Manhattan on the Beach
Main Character September Films
Auto Archaeology
Tell iT Like iT iS
Steel Earth
Tell iT Like iT iS

Bachelor of Science
Saint Thomas Aquinas College
Improvisational Acting   Harley Streiff
Diane Drake

Award Winning Film Maker, Event Production, Copyrighted Author, Patented Inventor, MC/DJ, Auto Mechanics, Carpentry, Commercial & Motorcycle License, YOGA, Race Cars, Creative Mastermind, Dance, & Smile.




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