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You clicked on details. It is obvious why you are here. I feel the same way. No matter how modest or vast; details are what makes everything fit together. Clean, Precise, & Sharp. The details are how I define the unique entertainment I will be remembered for.
J. Paris


Sound Nutrition
Music is the key to every event. Sound sets the tone, tempo, mood, and feel for every party. We will listen to your needs and provide the very best.

Audio Slave
Our DJ's have a vast and comprehensive music library. We will whisper sweet nothings in your ears until you beg for more.

Voice of God
Inspired by your specific needs. The master of ceremonies will guide your guests to the time of their lives. He will be your liaison behind the scenes and the ring master for all facets of your event.

Ready 4 My Close Up
Capturing your special moments on film is essential. Video and photography assures you will remember these images for a lifetime.

Icing on the Cake
There is always room for extra entertainment. Whether you prefer games, lighting, performers, etc. We can enhance your event with anything your heart desires.





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